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Dryer Vent Cleaning-We offer thorough cleaning of your dryer vent to reduce blockage resulting in less dry times, less electricity as well as a safer home and business environment. 


Statistic: Dryer fires result in 20 deaths, 370 injuries and over $75 million in property damage each year primarily due to dryer lint. (source: Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Many people who dry clothes should clean the lint trap (but don't) each time they use the dryer. When they don't, some lint will go around the lint trap and start to go down the exhaust path to the outside of your building. Over time, the lint builds up and can cause a blockage. This can result in carbon monoxide entering your home or possibly a house fire.

This service could:

  • Increase the life of your dryer (have you priced dryers lately?).
  • Decrease your electric bills (if you can't increase your salary, decrease your living expenses. It's like giving yourself a raise!).
  • Remove possible safety hazards (exhaust goes inside your home).
  • Protect your family's health. Avoid exhaust leaks.
  • Prevent exterior vents from becoming a nesting area for unwelcome birds and bugs.
  • Reduce contaminants in the air which could help reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Save your home from fire (by identifying a weak gas hose to removing lint obstructions that burn very easily).
How do I know if I am in need of this service?

You are likely in need of our service if:

  1. If your laundry is taking more than one cycle time to dry your clothes.
  2. The dryer stops during the dryer cycle (with less ventilation, the heat is damaging your dryer) sometimes more than once.
  3. No lint is on the screen (this says no ventilation is taking place).
  4. Clothes could smell moldy.
  5. Carbon Monoxide alarms in your house are activating (generally caused by dryer, furnace or stove).
What can you do?

Have your dryer exhaust cleaned once per year or two (depending on frequency of use, items dried, conditions near the dryer). We can come to your home and clean the entire venting system for your dryer for $84.95 (consumer grade). No estimates, or surprise charges. Our 6-step service includes:

  • Clean out your exhaust connection pipe to the outside wall.
  • Inspect your dryer connections from the dryer to the exhaust.
  • Inspect electrical connection for your dryer.
  • Inspect gas lines, cable and/or connector.
  • Clean exhaust path inside the dryer when space permits.
  • With stackable washer/dryers, inspect water line hoses.

        *Optional services available include:

  • Inspect and (if necessary) *replace hoses (additional cost).
  • Inspect and (if necessary) *replace worn out/dangerous gas line connection hoses on gas dryers (additional cost).
  • Inspect and (if necessary) *replace washer hose and/or water supply hoses.
  • Secure washer hoses to drain source (on stackable washer/dryers).
  • Inspect and report to customer potential visible issues noticed while providing service.

***Notice from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (March 2008)***

How often should I get my dryer vent cleaned?

Generally speaking, you should have it done once per year. This is recommended because if there is something starting to go wrong, it can be caught early before any further problems occurs. Excessive build-up of lint can build up faster if napkins or tissues are accidentally included in the wash (have you ever washed a piece of paper in your pocket to later see it in pieces?). This ends up in (or past) the lint trap. If you notice the drying time has increased, this can also alert you to potential problems. When the dryer is operating inefficiently, it is wasting gas and/or electricity to do the same job.

Note: For safety reasons, most towns have established code as to what type of exhaust tubing should be used for dryers. Builders should use rigid pipe to run to the outside wall. If your exhaust vent is made of flexible vinyl (generally a faded white in color), it is flammable and should be replaced. When we find improper exhaust tubing, we will note it to the customer and recommend it to be replaced. If the customer requests, we can provide a written estimate within 48 hours.

I own an apartment complex with industrial dryers. What should I do?

Call us for information on a maintenance plan. Your dryer likely needs our service more than consumer models. Some of your tenants might not be as careful with a dryer that is not their property. Protect the safety of your tenants as well as your building by keeping a safe environment. It also reduces gas and electricity usage. A maintenance plan makes good financial sense. The electricity savings alone could practically buy you another dryer over the short term.

Laundromats Welcome!

No one knows the cost to replace a dryer better than owners of Laundromats. Utility costs are the primary costs for this business (not including leasing of property). One service call will reduce your costs so much, gas and electricity savings could easily be re-directed back into your wallet. We can provide a substantial discount to address all your dryers at the same time.

How can you schedule a cleaning?

  1. Call today to schedule an appointment. (630) 890-3895 or
  2. Send an email to or
  3.        *   optional services incur additional expense only if parts are replaced (excluding Carbon Monoxide testing).
  4. What forms of payment do you accept?
    1. Cash
    2. Visa
    3. MasterCard
    4. Discover
    5. American Express
    6. Personal Check (with proper identification)
    7. Invoice (prior credit account required)

    We are certain that you will love our service and will refer people to us. When they call for an appointment, have them mention your name as the referral, we'll give you 10% off on your next cleaning (6 referrals and your next cleaning is free!). If you choose, you may direct the referral savings into another one of our services.


    Installations- We can install/replace most appliances (and accessories) you can think of. Some of the more common installations include:

    1. Washers (replacement)
    2. Dryers
    3. Garbage Disposals
    4. Ice makers
    5. Dishwashers
    6. Toilets (replacement)
    7. Sump Pumps/Ejector Pumps (replacement)

    We can provide custom installations of washer/dryers at new locations within your house as well (upstairs closet minimizing travel to another level).

    Installation of non-appliance related items are available (dryer vent, vent covers, gas lines that feed the dryer*).

    * Northern Illinois Gas recently included in their bill an advisory to consumers to immediately have all brass (yellowish/gold) gas feeds replaced due to breakage). March 2008.

    Why should I use you for this service?

    Why not use a service that has the experience to do the job right the first time. Save money by utilizing our other services. We have your interest in mind-no one else. Once you experience our commitment to service, you will not want to use anyone else.

    How would an installation be performed?

    We work with you to find the most convenient answer. You might want to purchase the item and have us install it, or have us measure your available space and advise you on what we feel is the best selection for your needs.

    I work during the day. Can you come during the evening or weekend?

    We do our best to conform to your schedule. Actually, evening and weekend appointments are almost as popular as the standard 10am to 7pm appointments. If required (and advance notice is given) we can conform to night appointments. Summer hours are even later.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    1. Cash
    2. Visa
    3. MasterCard
    4. Discover
    5. American Express
    6. Personal Check (with proper identification)
    7. Invoice (prior credit account required)

    We are certain that you will love our service and will refer people to us. When they call for an appointment, have them mention your name as the referral, we'll give you 10% off on your next service appointment with us. With enough referrals, you could earn cash credit on your next service with Wunsch Services (referral credit has no cash value and can only be used toward the purchase of one of our services).


    Plumbing- We can identify/remove obstructions that can prevent proper drainage/operation of your washer, toilet, shower, tub or sink.

    What could go wrong with my washers drain?

    Over time, lint and dirt that is removed from your clothes can build up in utility sink drains. If you are not aware of this build-up, utility sinks will back up and generally start to flood your utility room or basement (slowly). This rarely occurs quickly (unless a sock falls in the sink while loading the washer-I know this one personally-and causes an instant blockage) and you might notice longer drain times of the sink.

    What could go wrong with my toilet, shower, tub or sink?

    A build up of hair is generally the culprit for showers, tubs and sinks. Human waste and toilet paper generally are the main contributors to a clogged toilet. We have even extracted children's toys from toilets. Some older sink traps could be rotting due to age. A quick inspection could determine if this is needed for you-prior to the pipes breaking open and causing water damage.


    Pipe Insulation- What is this? It is the insulation of all water pipes that have the potential of freezing during the severe cold. Although the pipes are on the inside of your house, many do not have the same exposure to the heat throughout your house. In the winter months when water pipes get too cold, they generally crack first causing a water leak. The next step is for the pipe to burst. On main or upper levels of your house, if a pipe bursts when you are not home, the water might eventually flow into your basement after causing expensive damage.

    What can Wunsch Services do to help prevent this?

    We would insulate all pipes that are at risk of exposure and insulate these pipes. This is critical during the colder months in Chicago. Often times this can be done in less than an hour.


    Refrigerator (coil) cleaning- We will remove the dust build up on the refrigerator coils (for only $15 when we are already at your house on another servicing issues).

    Why should I use you for this service?

    The coils under the refrigerator are similar to the radiator in a car-used to cool the systems temperature. If components become overheated, it shortens their life. This should be done once a month (if not by us, by yourself or someone else) to preserve the life of your refrigerator.


    Air Duct Cleaning  - When allergies persist, particles of dust in the air can be challenging to those who suffer. Dust particles that build up in the ducts of your house can circulate easily when the heat or air conditioning is turned on. We clean the entire duct system safely and without chemicals. Having your ductwork cleaned will be a complete education for you, as we will review what we have done and discuss preventative measures with you to minimize the return of dust in the near future. We address one return vent at a time and base our pricing on the number of returns you have in your home.

    EPA guidelines to ensure we deliver maximum value. Our pricing is the best, along with our honesty and integrity throughout. Give us a call today to discuss your needs. To learn more about air duct cleaning guidelines, click here.


    Duct Wrapping - Many air duct systems in the average home has many air leaks resulting in loss of hot (or cold) air getting to the destination rooms. The heating costs skyrocket because of this. We can seal all your leaks that occur-mostly in the basement or crawlspace, and insulate it to ensure minimum heat loss. Ask for details

    UltraSonic Cleaning (not yet available- but coming)- Over time, water pipes collect a build up of sediment and rust that provide water for your house. We will provide a service that connects to your water supply and literally vibrates the rust and impurities out of your water supply. You will be able to see the contaminants as they leave your faucet once we temporarily remove the aerators (screens). The particles and brown chunks of rust and chemicals will no longer be included in your water. Noticeable improvements range from safer and better tasting drinking water to less stains in your washers cleaning. It should also improve the life of your hot water heater (newer hot water heaters could cost over $500 with installation).

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