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Coupon Education:


Beware: Investigate air duct cleaning specials 


"If it's too good to be true, it probably is". Be very careful of these special coupons in some discount mailing companies. Find out exactly what you get for the money. Some points to think about:

  • Break out the strong magnifying glass to read the extra fine print on any of these coupons. This may state "return vents priced separately" or "only valid with full system purchase".  Find out exactly what it includes. Ask if they will put this in writing prior to the cleaning.

  • A discount of $7.95 per vent sounds great until you see the add-ons to your bill which could be over $400! If no add-ons are included, it's likely that many ducts were not cleaned, or possibly your furnace!

  • Ask if they include sanitizer with their price. We include it in the price!
  • Understand that if a true air duct cleaning is to occur, 3 to 7 hours are needed (based on the size of the home) to properly do the job. If any company does this in under 1-2 hours, have their work inspected. We offer duct inspections free while we are in home cleaning the dryer vent system.

  • The air duct system has numerous supply vents, return vents and a furnace. Confirm that all are included.

  • Ask if they can show you video of how dirty your system is before they clean it. We provide this service free. The customer selects what vents they want to see inside, and we will view the video together.

  • Many before/after photos in advertisement coupons are falsely treated with extra dirt/lint to exaggerate the extent of how dirty your ducts really are.

  • If you have doubts, watch them. Ask questions. We welcome this curiosity with our customers.

Educate yourself on our website and avoid be taken advantage of. If you have questions, feel free to contact us with questions. We want you to select a company with confidence. Remember: You get what you pay for. It doesn't matter if the price is $50 or $99, if the work is not done properly (or worse, not at all), you would be paying for nothing-wasting your money.


Dryer Vent Information:


Dryer vents have a simple function in life-providing a path for dryer exhaust to leave your home. When the vent is obstructed, the lint that passes the lint trap finds the weakest path. This could go back into the dryer to the igniter that lights the gas that provides the heat. When this happens, the lint in your exhaust vent could ignite like fuses from a firecracker. Are there other factors that can contribute to this? Yes!

  1. The longer the distance to the outside, the harder the dryer has to work.

  2. Incorrect dryer vent tubes contribute to premature blockages-white vinyl tubes are also flammable!

  3. The number of bends the exhaust pipe makes when leaving your home. Many homes were built with no regard to dryer vent safety.

  4. Accidental washing of napkins, tissues or paper towels.

  5. In the cooler months, animals love the feel and warmth of a dryer vent with lint. If they can enter, they will nest (and likely die there). If this happens, the smell of a dead animal will slowly go back to the dryer and mix with clean clothes.

When these conditions exist, We can provide you with a written estimate, showing you what needs to be corrected. Most re-running of dryer duct work takes from 1 to 3 hours, depending on accessibility (closed walls, wooden deck covering the outside vent, etc). The savings on gas, electricity as well as the replacement of clothing will easily offset the repair cost. The main reason-family safety. Obstructed dryer ducts can cause carbon monoxide to enter the home. Accelerating any mold growth is another byproduct of poor ventilation.

Please note that gas lines going to the dryer are considered a maintenance item. They should be replaced every 15-20 years. Remember, if this breaks (either due to corrosion, age, quality of hose), an explosion will likely occur. Any local spark can trigger this (hot water or furnace pilot light, smoker in the house lighting up a cigarette). There are no second chances with the safety of your family here.

Sump Pumps:

This is an often neglected item in your house that you take for granted. It has kept water out of your basement all winter, but is it ready for storms that will make your pump work overtime? Has ice destroyed the PVC pipe going out of your house? Verify that there are no leaks, and consider getting a battery powered back up pump if you store any valued items in your basement, including any family or friends that might live in the basement (living of course:). You may consider having your pump drain away from the house to prevent your pump from burning out from turning on and off excessively.

Hot Water Heaters:

These are pretty basic-heat water up and maintain a hot temperature so when you want to wash dishes or take a hot shower, the water is there for you. What you might not realize is that you should flush them periodically to help remove and buildup of corrosion that comes from impurities in the water. The amount of impurities vary depending on your water source-a well or lake Michigan water. If corrosion builds up inside, the tank will not allow water to flow freely inside. As this condition deteriorates, you will likely hear a lot of noise from it. Eventually, you will need to change the hot water heater out. This is not very cheap. So it is in your best interest to flush out the water to help move impurities out to make the system last longer. If you choose not to do it, we can do it for you for a nominal charge.