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Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

When you think of a healthy and safe environment around your home, Wunsch Services can provide this service.

Air Duct Cleaning can remove the germs and years of dirt from the air you breathe. If you:

1- have allergies

2- have pets

3- have a newborn

4- have had recent construction

5- discovered animal droppings in your ducts

6- have recently moved in

then you would be a good candidate for an air duct cleaning.


Having your Dryer Vent cleaned once a year can help prevent a house fire while saving you money on the cost of gas and electricity to run your dryer. The decrease in cycle time will also prolong the life of your dryer and clothes! Click here to see more information on the benefits of having your dryer vent cleaned regularly.

Beware of $99 coupon - $7.95 per duct specials


It's amazing how people actually believe these ads. The initial price sounds inviting, but when it's time to pay the bill and it totals $400 or more, what do you do? Be careful of "bait and switch" practices that can occur. Know the full price BEFORE the work starts. 

In general, if the work is done in less than 2 hours, it wasn't done correctly. Read more in our Education link.

Garage Door Tip

Spray WD-40 or equivalent on the springs that lift the garage door. It will preserve the life of the springs and save you over $200 or more in repairs.